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Apr 13, 2016 @ 09:35
Explore and Study Spain!

Hello, everyone! Thank you for coming to my travel page! As many of you have heard, this fall I will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. I will be in API's Spanish Language, Business, and Humanities program at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. I am so excited to be immersed in the language and culture, take classes to expand my knowledge and horizons, as well as deepen my proficiency in a language I am so passionate about. The reason why I'm fundraising is because I have to pay API $5,000 for my housing while I'm in Spain, and that is a large chunk of the money I have been saving from working (multiple jobs each summer!). If you would like to help me raise this money, I would so greatly appreciate it! Some of the offered classes that I am interested in taking are: Spanish for Written Purposes "This course covers general aspects of written Spanish. It analyzes the different registers, e.g., literary language and language in the media. Students broaden and consolidate their mastery of language structures and vocabulary by studying written texts and developing their own literary creativity." Art at the Prado Museum "This course studies the great Spanish painters and their works in the Prado Museum focusing on El Greco, Velázquez, Murillo and Goya. Composition and style in their paintings and study of the historical period of the painters is emphasized. The course includes guided visits to the Prado Museum." Conversation and Composition "This course focuses on improving oral fluency and vocabulary in order to participate in conversations and debates using different registers. Oral practice is developed by using audiovisual material related to sociocultural aspects of Spain." Contemporary Spanish Novel "This course provides a general review of Spanish prose from the post-war period to the present. Principal developments in Spanish literature with analysis and discussion of selected texts and some complete works are also a component of the course." Spanish Theatre in the 20th Century "This course provides a study of the major works of Spanish theater in the 20th century focusing on post-war drama and contemporary theater. The work of García Lorca forms a major part of this course. The course includes reading complete works and visits to the theater, when possible." And many more! At the end of my trip, I also plan on doing some traveling in Western Europe. I am so excited for this opportunity and would greatly appreciate any and all help that you can offer to me! Thank you all so much! With love, Lexie

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