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What students can do with GoEnnounce

  • Awards & Activities

    Students highlight the extracurricular activities and achievements that make them unique.

  • Invite Followers

    Students connect with family and friends to get the encouragement they deserve. Followers never have to create an account!

  • Post Updates

    Students show Followers what's up in class, clubs, or other activities. Followers'll receive an email each time students update.

  • Showcase Schoolwork

    Upload your best work to save & share it on your profile. Students build a school related resume, a great reference for colleges & future employers.

  • Be Encouraged

    Students receive likes, comments, and recognition from their Followers who are keeping up on their progress.

  • Fundraising

    Students can launch a fundraiser for clubs and causes that they're passionate about — the easiest way to get funds they need.

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What people are saying about GoEnnounce

Thanks to GoEnnounce, my daughter is learning that her education is important. We can work together to post her spelling bee award & recital photo in a safe place for our family to see!
Mom of Elementary Student
I got quick feedback on a draft of a writing assignment from my followers that made it so much better.
Middle School Student
Filling out college applications is so time consuming, but with GoEnnounce I could easily go back and look at everything I accomplished last year. Wish I started my page a long time ago!
High School Student
Even though I'm 100 miles away from my family at college, I feel like they're close by each time I share a new accomplishment.
College Student
There are 25 students in my architecture class. Our projects are always huge files. Now we use GoEnnounce to share our work back and forth!
Grad School Student
People always ask what our kids do in homeschool. GoEnnounce is a great way for my children & me to share our accomplishments & learning activities.
Homeschool Mom
We fundraised for new soccer uniforms and then easily shared our game-winning goal at the State Finals for all of our donors to see!
Athletic Team
Our organization loves to use GoEnnounce as an easy way for all the members to stay updated on important events & updates. Now, no one misses a thing!
It's a great way for my child to showcase their educational progress online. Our relatives can donate directly our child's college savings plans to reward them for a job well done in school!
I'm a teacher, and GoEnnounce made it so easy to get a visual of a student's education... very helpful when writing recommendation letters.
High School Teacher