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"Thanks to all my donors. Loving my study abroad trip."

University of Michigan

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Jessica Lawson
American University
" When I got the call to go to India, I knew I couldn't let money hold me back, but my parents said they couldn't afford the whole trip. I was so thankful when my friend Jess told me about GoEnnounce and their goal to help students fundraise using social media. I made an account, and was shocked that I received an email 10 minutes later with my first donation!"
Alternative Break to volunteer at a camp for Dalit Children
raised $952.50 of $925

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Jack Kernochan
American University

" Thanks to GoEnnounce, I spread the powerful mission of Life Pieces to Masterpieces to dozens of family members and friends, and could take the students I mentor on a field trip. My family no longer asks me what I do as a tutor because they know all about it from following the updates on my Student Page. "

Field Trip for LPTM Students
raised $600 of $600

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What Students Are Saying
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  • Stephanie

    "I was accepted as the first salvadoran young women to attend the World Business Dialogue in Köln, Germany. Even though I spent several months preparing my application to the WBD, my real challenge started once I was accepted. Due to my economical situation I couldn't afford my travel expenses. By making fundraising extremely accessible, GoEnnounce empowers individuals to focus on making change in the world instead of getting caught up in financial logistics. Not only was I able to attend, I won the Student Award out of 300 students! To all students: don't be afraid of what will happen, just remember your dreams can become a reality."

  • Giancario

    "Most importantly, students should know how easy it is to use GoEnnounce. I funded my Mission in 4 hours!! It's unlike other crowdfunding sites where you have to meet your goal or else lose any of the money you collected. On GoEnnounce, if your goal is $1,000 and you are only raise $500, you get to keep that. The site also takes one of the lowest fees. Other sites deduct anywhere between 5%-10% of the total amount raised. GoEnnounce only has a 3.5% fee per donation. You really have nothing to lose by starting a fundraiser on GoEnnounce."

  • Jessica

    "GoEnounce made the whole process simple, safe, and informational to those visiting my fundraising Mission Page, I was able to fund the majority of my trip's cost using my custom profile. GoEnnounce even gives you the ability to send a thank-you email right after someone gives a donation! In addition, GoEnnounce made me realize how many people I have in my life who truly care about me and actually want to support me financially. I definitely plan on continuing to use my Student Page to stay connected with my followers by posting updates about what's going on in school."

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