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Dec 4, 2012 @ 02:19
Spring Break at Chesapeake Bay and Summer in Kenya

Hey friends and family! I have been given two amazing opportunities to gain more experience in Film. I recently switched my major to film and absolutely love it. I was recently accepted into two programs: A spring break trip to the Chesapeake Bay to learn more about environmental filmmaking from director Danny Ledonne and a month long trip to Nairobi, Kenya to make a documentary about anything we choose! On both trips I will be able to direct, write, film, produce, and edit a film which is so fantastic. While I have been able to save a lot to pay for these trips, I still need some help. So please donate ANYTHING you can to help me go on these trips or share to anyone who you think could help. Thank you all so much!

$365.00 of $500.00 raised