Help Me: Study Abroad Italy Fall 2017

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Italy Fall 2017

What I'm Fundraising For

Hi, everyone! I am raising funds for my upcoming semester abroad in Rome, Italy! While in Rome, I will be attending The American University of Rome and will be taking Political Science classes that will contribute to my studies at Wingate University.

Why This Is Important To Me:

Since my major is Political Science, I believe that it is important to gain new perspective in international relations across the globe. Studying in Italy will greatly contribute to my education and my resume for my future career.

How I Will Use The Funds:

As you may know, studying abroad can be very costly. Travel, supplies, food, and other expenses while in Italy will begin to add up. Your help will greatly impact my study abroad experience and help to ease my burden of paying for this once in a lifetime experience. Your help will go towards my travel, books, school supplies, student visa, and other important aspects of my educational experience.


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