Help Me: Study Abroad in The University of Salamanca

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Study Abroad in The University of Salamanca

What I'm Fundraising For

While the program which my university offers is worth far more than the price required- the cost is still high; the funds I need will only be put towards the cost of travel and tuition of the classes I am signed up to take to at the University of Salamanca.

Why This Is Important To Me:

I believe that receiving this opportunity to experience a different culture and language in a total immersion environment is key to fully understanding the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Not only will I be learning Spanish in the classroom from three classes which I require to complete my minor, but I will be learning in real life situations as well- broadening my academic and personal education.

How I Will Use The Funds:

The funds I am collecting for the trip I will put towards the total cost of travel, plus room and board which my university has priced at $5450. Earlier this spring I received a scholarship amounting to $763 dollars which I will use for addition excursions in Spain. Any money I can collect in addition to this will be put towards tuition (that costs nearly $3000) which I am personally saving for now.


Strategy & Perks


As I am not in a financial position to repay any potential donors, I would be very excited to give you a small momento and written thank you letter as a token of gratitude upon my return from Spain.


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Sherry ShayJan 26, 2017 @ 12:08 Congrats on being named the Abroad101 Student of the Week! We hope our donation helps you reach your goal. Please leave a review on Abroad101 when you return. We'd love to hear about your experience.
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