Help Me: Study abroad in Galway Ireland

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Study abroad in Galway Ireland

What I'm Fundraising For

I am so thrilled to have recently been accepted to a study abroad program in Galway, Ireland with ISA (International Studies Abroad). This program will take place next fall semester and I will be taking courses that focus on Irish history and culture as well as math classes. You can learn more about this program at

Why This Is Important To Me:

Since I was young I have always loved to travel. Once one trip was over I was thinking about the next trip. I have also developed a passion for photography and the landscape of Ireland fascinates me. I believe that studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience. Through this experience I will gain independence and confidence . I hope to return from my study abroad trip with a new perspective on culture, diversity, a great education and a willingness to learn.

How I Will Use The Funds:

My program cost is $15,500 (I know - VERY EXPENSIVE!). Luckily, I have known this was a dream/goal of mine for awhile, so have been saving! I have been working hard at Fitzgerald's Irish Pub in Uptown Charlotte, NC. I have also applied for financial aid and scholarships that will also help pay for my trip. All of the money I raise will be used to cover the program cost and airfare to Ireland.


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Sherry ShayApr 14, 2017 @ 13:52 Congratulations on being named Abroad101's Student of the Week! We wish you success in your fundraising efforts and hope you have a great study abroad experience.
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