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Study Abroad Business in Panama

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I am currently studying in Southeastern Louisiana University and in order to graduate and obtain my bachelor’s degree in International Management, I am required to do a study abroad this upcoming Summer 2017. Out of the many options that I had, I chose to go Study Abroad to Panama, because it is a country that I have always been fascinated about. Panama has unique geographic characteristics such as the Panama Canal, which benefits the country's economy by having many international companies doing business there, thanks to the canal. As an International Management student, I believe that I will learn a lot about international business, exports and imports and about opening my mind to a new lifestyle and culture. The program that I will be attending while in Panama is called: Business, Economics & Marketing in Panama, you can learn more about this program here: You can learn more about the abroad program I'm attending here:

Why This Is Important To Me:

I am asking for your help because my parents and I are not able to come up with all the money for the total cost of this trip. Since I am on a student VISA, I am only able to work on campus for a small amount of hours due to the fact that as a student worker my studies always come first. I have been saving money the last couple years to try to pay as much as I can myself but it is simply not enough to cover everything. The study abroad that I’m doing is in Panama and it lasts 10 days. I was especially interested in Panama since I have never been there before, and seeing that this is my first study abroad program I would be very excited to experience it in a country I have always wanted to visit. I am very excited to go there because it will feel like at home somehow since everyone will speak Spanish. In addition, I would also get to know a new culture, people, landscape and get another perspective of the world. Learning about this new culture will not only help me become a better person but will also help me learn how to adapt myself, communicate and do business with people from different places. The purpose of the trip is to extend my knowledge about international businesses. We will be talking to local business owners and people that have experience working internationally, so this will be a once I a life time learning experience for me that would help me for years to come.

How I Will Use The Funds:

I will use the funds to pay: - Plane ticket - Hotel room - Meals - Transportation - Tuition for two 3-credit hour classes


Strategy & Perks

My Strategy To Reach This Goal:

I just need 30 people to each donate $100 or 60 people to each donate $50


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