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Nicoli Takes On Florence!

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Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I attend Oklahoma State University, where I am sophomore majoring in International Business with a minor in International Studies. Considering that I am a international business major it’s require that I get some type of international experience; which would help me to have a better understand of my major. I’ve chosen this major practically because I’ve always dream of traveling for a living and just being able to not only work but as well enjoy different cultures while doing so. Studying Abroad can make this possible. In fact, I was accepted direct admission into API Lorenzo de’ Medici a Semester in Florence, Italy for the spring 2016 program. During my time abroad, this program has offer me the opportunity to do an internship which will help to increase my knowledge with the international affairs and how they manage their business and giving that I am in a whole new country this internship will be credit toward my International Business degree. I’ve chosen this program because of the benefits it has can be beneficial for my career and personal life as well. (If you would like to learn more about my program, you can go to this direct link: Giving that I work a minimum wage job: while paying off my schools monthly payments and being a full time student. It’s making it really difficult and stressful for me to get the funds that I need to help me while my time abroad. My goal is to reach the amount of money that I will need to survive while my time abroad. Therefore, I recognize that in order to achieve this goal I must make sacrifices. A major decision I made recently was to remove myself from all my organizations, as well as drop a class to help save up more money by working more hours. This was a difficult decision for me because I was involve around campus and had many great leadership positions, but I know when I’m studying in Florence, Italy, it will be more than worth it! Here’s where you can come in… YOU Although I by no means expect any of you to help me, if you believe in what I am trying to do. I would be infinitely grateful if you could assist me financially. Whether its $10 or $10,000,000 every little bit helps me in achieving this dream of mine. Now you may be asking yourself “Why does he want my help now?” I understand that it is a bit early to be asking for assistance, but there is one simple reason: assurance. Because I am responsible for paying to study abroad, I need to know a few months in advance that I have the necessary funds to comfortably finance myself while in Florence. Additionally, if I do not have enough saved, there is a deadline that I must withdraw from the program by in order to save myself from losing thousands of dollars in deposits (GOD FORBID.) So basically, I am reaching out to you all now because I need assurance that studying abroad for 4 months is financially feasible for me well in advance. I have set my goal here to raise $5,000 in 3 months. This is a little than half of how much I have left to save by December, which would be a MAJOR help considering I still have all of my typical expenses over the next 6 months. Goals for Abroad Here’s a little bit about my personal and academic goals for when I study abroad: My desire and expectation for my semester in Florence is to truly assimilate myself into the local culture of Italy. I want to view it as a second home by the time I leave, not just where I had an extended vacation while I traveled Europe. I have every intention of traveling often, but I truly desire to really acclimate to the culture of Florence. I want this because I believe it is how I will have the most meaningful, thought-altering experience. My rationale for studying abroad is to alter and expand my perspective so that I may better understand the world and what goes on in it, beyond the confines of an American view. I believe that adopting and living in the culture of Florence itself will promote this. I want a light bulb moment. I want an experience that will forever impact me and change my way of thinking. I want to be a global citizen who has seen and experienced different cultures and learned of history I would have never learned in the classroom. Studying abroad is the best opportunity for me to achieve this as of yet. Can’t Contribute? You can kiss our relationship goodbye. Later dude…. HAH kidding. I will not be offended if it’s not within your means to donate. The fact that you have read my story at all is extremely thoughtful and I truly appreciate it. What you CAN do though is possibly share this campaign on social media so it can gain more exposure and (hopefully) more funding! Or maybe just give me a hug and tell me you read it. Any support is uplifting and motivation for me to make this happen! (Note: If for any reason I am forced to withdraw from the program, all donations will be further saved and ONLY use if the next opportunity rises; I will keep this page updated as well email you guys)


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