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Senior Ethnic Studies/Pre-Med at the University of San Diego read more


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Senior Ethnic Studies/Pre-Med at the University of San Diego

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Mar 16, 2013 @ 01:04
Bali Indonesia HIV AIDS Support Campaign

I recently studied abroad in Bali, Indonesia where I met some of the most amazing people of my life and will forever cherish the relationships I now have with the land,people, and culture. After returning to the United States I began searching for ways that I could still be connected with the people of Bali as well as in some way offer my support. HIV/AIDS has become a large and growing issue for the people of Bali and continues to spread throughout the island due to the lack of available testing centers, counseling, and medication. I ask that you please join me and donate to this cause in order to support the people of Bali and their fight against this deadly virus. Any amount that you choose to donate will help. ALL proceeds will be directly donated to a Balinese advocacy organization known as Ubud Sunset run by local advocate Rucina Ballinger. Your donation will help to start a HIV/AIDS clinic in the village of Ubud that will offer testing, counseling, and free medication.

$175.00 of $500.00 raised