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Jan 21, 2014 @ 10:52
My Italian Internship

I have been blessed with the opportunity to intern and study in Italy this summer. Through the program I'll go to Florence for 2 weeks where I will be staying with a host family, learning about the Italian culture. The following 6 weeks will be spent in Milan where the internship takes place. This internship will be in a field that best suits my strengths and skills. I'm currently in the matching process with the partner organization in Italy that will find an internship to fit my background. They're doing their best to get me the best internship possible. Throughout the duration of my stay I will have the opportunity to not only intern, but also study with the intention of receiving 6 academic credits for the whole summer. Taking this special trip will be very expensive. I've made a goal to fundraise $8315, which is the official program fee and a small portion of the total costs that I will have to cover. The program fee will cover my ASU tuition for 6 credits, housing in Italy, insurance and local trips as part of the comprehensive program package. In addition, I'm also saving half of each paycheck I receive from my student worker position until the program start, which will go towards my expenses while there. This once in a lifetime trip will help me develop professionally while receiving credit towards graduation. I greatly appreciate any support you can contribute. If 60 of my friends contribute $40, that would put me at 1/3 of my goal. That seems pretty achievable. I also promise to keep you all updated on my experience through this page and Facebook. I'm really excited for this summer. Thank you for your generosity! You can learn more about the program I am attending here - http://www.studyabroad101.com/programs/arizona-state-university-italy-english-speaking-internship-and-study-abroad-program-in-milan-an

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