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Take Me to Spain

What I'm Fundraising For

I am going to do a part-time, month-long program in Spain taking 6-7 credits at La Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao!

Why This Is Important To Me:

I have wanted to travel for such a long time and now I have the opportunity as a part of my International Business program to attend a private Spanish university, continuing my Business education and expanding on my Spanish skills!

How I Will Use The Funds:

My goal is to have enough to cover housing and living costs for the time as well as some of the tuition fees, as the international exchange tuition rate is inflated a bit in comparison to my in-state tuition pricing.


Strategy & Perks

My Strategy To Reach This Goal:

If I have 60 people each donate $25, I can easily reach my goal! However please donate as much as you're willing and able - every dollar counts and is appreciated!!!


I will be making personalized thank you cards and I will send out copies of any photography I do while I am in Spain as well.


No updates have been posted for this mission.

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Sherry ShayFeb 3, 2017 @ 13:29 Congrats on being named the Student of the Week! We wish you the best in your fundraising. When you return please leave a review on Abroad101 we'd love to hear about your experience.
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