Help Me: Study Abroad and Internship Spain and Portugal

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Study Abroad and Internship Spain and Portugal

What I'm Fundraising For

I am so thrilled to have been accepted into the Study abroad and internship program. You can view more details on these programs through these links and for internship => .This program will be taking place In the summer in Spain & Portugal for two months (I know!!! a long time!). The first two weeks we will be in Portugal where the study abroad course will take place. I am actually taking two summer classes business communications and multicultural studies. Afterwards the rest of the six weeks I will be Interning for a huge Company I wont know the exact details till the first week of June. We will leave the 11th of June and returning the 10th of August.

Why This Is Important To Me:

As an international business and Marketing major I think it’s Crucial for me to live abroad and experience a variety of cultures for an extended period of time. I am Hispanic so I speak Spanish very fluently which gives me an advantage and just give me an opportunity to network over seas. I also believe that studying abroad is once in a lifetime where I will gain independence and that it can really help to shape who I become as a person. I want to make every person who has helped me Proud from Parents, family, teachers, professors, friends and generous people who have supported. I work hard for everything and haven't let anyone down till this day.

How I Will Use The Funds:

My program cost is $7,000 (I know - VERY EXPENSIVE!). This was something very sudden, so I have not been saving. I am working part-time at Walmart and have also obtained scholarships due to my GPA that covers 1/3 of the program cost which is $2,000. That being said, I am $5,000 short. The funds will be used for my airfare to and from Madrid/Portugal, Study Abroad & Internship program, the arranged stay and food.


Strategy & Perks

My Strategy To Reach This Goal:

I know $5,000 seems like a large amount but any size contribution is GREATLY appreciated. That’s why I am looking for 100 people to donate $50 to my study abroad fund! The GoEnnounce platform makes it really easy for you to help me spread the word about this goal via Facebook or email, SO please share, share, share!


I am not sure if you’ve had an opportunity to check out my Student Page yet but one of the best parts about GoEnnounce is that I can use my Student Page to keep my Followers (and donors) updated with all of my school related updates. By donating here through GoEnnounce, you will become one of my Followers. That means while I am abroad I will be able to post photos of monuments and castles in Spain and Portugal and upload projects I am working on in my courses! This way you will be able to see how your donations have really helped and how much I am enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. I will also be sending each of my donors a postcard from various cities I will be visiting as a momento and token of my extreme appreciation :)


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Sherry ShayMay 12, 2017 @ 13:10 Congrats on being named the Abroad101 Student of the Week. We hope our donation helps you reach your dream. Please leave a review on our site when you return. We'd love to hear about it.
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