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Abroad in Amman Jordan

What I'm Fundraising For

I'm fundraising for the amazing opportunity to study Arabic in Amman, Jordan for the fall semester of this year! Al-Qasid Institute is a prestigious language school near the University of Amman. The program involved me speaking at least 2 hours with natives through out the city of Amman, studying Arabic under natives who teach Modern Standard Arabic and the Jordanian dialect, and experiencing the culture of Amman. For the last three weeks, I will head to Palestine/Israel to analyze the Israeli conflict and further my knowledge of the region. I am SO excited!!!! You can learn more about study abroad programs in Jordan here and specifically the one at Al-Qasid Institute!

Why This Is Important To Me:

My dad and his family were refugees from Palestine. Israel gained a home and they lost theirs. Increasing pressures, tensions, and struggles put great stress on my grandfather and grandmother. After only 6 months of my dad being born, my grandfather passed away from a heart attack. My grandmother came to New York in Albany to pursue opportunities for her family. She came bravely as a single mother with 5 children. My dad never taught me Arabic growing up or much of the culture but he made sure I and my family knew the foods he loved. When I returned home from a 2-year mission trip for my church, I took Arabic 101 to learn a little. That decision eventually led to Arabic 201 and 202 which led to a major switch to Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. I have fallen in love with a language and culture my dad's family derives from. After falling in love with the language, I decided to help the refugees I could while attending school. I interned at a school district who has thousands of refugees within their boundaries. I was able to meet countless refugees and hear the stories. One man from Iraq had a powerful story. He was in one of the camps located in Iraq after the civil war intensified. I don't understand why the leaders of the camp chose him, but the man and his family were taken to the main area. In front of his horrified family, the man was shot in the shoulder, in the abdomen, and in the leg. Though this event happened three years before, the man still walks with a limp. He is grateful to be in America. No matter what career I choose, between healthcare or government work with the State Department, I will help refugees. Learning Arabic and understanding the Middle East will enable me to accomplish this goal. By you helping me with the tuition funds, you are helping me to accomplish this goal. Thank you.

How I Will Use The Funds:

The funds I ask for are going toward tuition. The tuition covers the fees of residence and attending the Al-Qasid Institute program. While the whole program is around $12,000, I'm just asking for help with the tuition aspect. To gather the funds for this program, I am working as a pest control sales agent this summer. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciative.


Strategy & Perks

My Strategy To Reach This Goal:

Honestly, whatever you can give to help would appreciated. I love my friends and family and know that finances are hard for many families. However, if you can help in any way I would love any help!


I am going to run a blog and would love to update 2-3 weekly about the experience and give my unfiltered view of the region and what I hear from those there. I also would love to send postcards/get small souvenirs for those who contribute!


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Thank you all! I'm so stoked to be going this fall!

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Sherry ShayApr 21, 2017 @ 11:06 Congratulations on being named Abroad101's Student of the Week. We hope our donation helps you reach your goal. Please leave a review on our site when you return. We'd love to hear about your trip.
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