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Award winning digital footprint tool that helps students develop, grow and understand
the value of a Personal Learning Network (PLN). All inclusive digital citizenship curriculum for students, parents, & teachers.

Ongoing use of GoEnnounce prepares students with the skills to be successful in college and a globally competitive career market.

We recently incorporated GoEnnounce into our individual plan of study as an e-portfolio in student led conferencing. Student reflection is more powerful than data collection. Administrators must look at students as individuals, not fixed data points. GoEnnounce is a student-centered approach. GoEnnounce as an e-portfolio will support our students in preparing for a better and brighter future while experiencing ways to promote individual aspirations and practicing appropriate digital citizenship.
Michael King, Principal Dodge City Middle School, Kansas and NASSP 2012 National Digital Principal of the Year

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Safe Academic Social Network

  • Human monitoring system for posts + no private messaging allowed.
  • Facilitates community engagement + positive social media behavior.
  • Students engage with their mentor network (parents, relatives, family friends, former teachers, coaches, etc.).

A GoEnnounce Student Page

  • Promotes college + career readiness.
  • Becomes a student’s own personal URL.
  • Incentivizes students as they receive positive feedback when sharing school related e-nnouncements.

The Student Page

Track, save, and share
academic and extracurricular progress

Kids want to be the heroes of their own stories. Our job is to help them understand that those stories are long and every day is a chance to be heroic.


What students can do with GoEnnounce

  • Awards & Activities

    Students highlight the extracurricular activities and achievements that make them unique.

  • Invite Followers

    Students connect with family and friends to get the encouragement they deserve. Followers never have to create an account!

  • Post Updates

    Students show Followers what's up in class, clubs, or other activities. Followers'll receive an email each time students update.

  • Showcase Schoolwork

    Upload your best work to save & share it on your profile. Students build a school related resume, a great reference for colleges & future employers.

  • Be Encouraged

    Students receive likes, comments, and recognition from their Followers who are keeping up on their progress.

  • Fundraising

    Students can launch a fundraiser for clubs and causes that they're passionate about — the easiest way to get funds they need.

Learn More About Our Software
& Curriculum Package

People often think of digital citizenship as a list of don'ts. What if we focused on the actions we can take do to make the digital world a better place?


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